President Sargsyan meets Armenia’s Eurovision group Genealogy

President Serzh Sargsyan today received the six members of the band Genealogy representing Armenia in the 2015 Eurovision Song Context. Symbolizing the five petals of the forget-me-not flower, the artists represent the new generation of the Armenian people living in five different continents of the world and in Armenia.

The group members Essaï Altounian from Europe, Tamar Kaprelian from the United States, Vahe Tilbian from Africa, Mary-Jean O’Doherty Basmadjian from Australia, Stephanie Topalian from Asia and Inga Arshakyan from Armenia will perform the song “Face the Shadow.” It is about universal values – love, solidarity, loyalty and the genealogy of generations.

At the meeting with the RA President, the group members were joined by Ruben Jaghinyan, President of the Public Television Council, and Gohar Gasparyan, Head of the Armenian Delegation in Eurovision.

At the meeting, the President handed RA passports to the five foreign members of the group who had previously requested the RA President to grant them citizenship of the Republic of Armenia, congratulated them on getting Armenian citizenship and wished them success. The Armenian President welcomed the wonderful idea and unity in representing Armenia in the Eurovision Song Contest this year in a unique format and through a new band. “You, yourselves, were convinced – the commemorative events of the Armenian Genocide Centennial held during these days and their worldwide response confirmed it – that if we all join together and unite around a single idea, we always achieve success. I am confident that you, too, are going to succeed because, you have really united around one single idea, your song is wonderful and the idea too,” said President Serzh Sargsyan.

The Armenian Eurovision representatives thanked Armenia’s President for the sincere words and reception, noting that it gives fresh vigor and ardor and conveys a good mood prior to the contest. They also attached importance to the recent recognition of the Armenian Genocide by Austria, a country hosting the contest, which, according to the band members, will allow them to feel stronger and more confident in Vienna.

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