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The words ‘Armenia’ and ‘Armenian Genocide’ have been the most demanded on Google over the past few days, information security expert Samvel Martirisyan told reporters today.

Articles covering the visit of reality star Kim Kardashian, the concert of the System Of A Down rock band, the participation of world leaders in the events commemorating the Armenian Genocide centennial were on top of world news, he said.

According to the expert, the interest towards Armenia was unprecedented. Google has not yet summed up the search results for April, but according to preliminary assessment, the search for “Armenia,” “Where is Armenia?” and “Armenian Genocide” grew 2-4 times.

The events of April 24 were a top topic in France, Germany, the US, Russia and even in Turkey, which denies the genocide.

What Armenia gained from this flow of information on the web? “This left the Turkish propaganda in a crisis,” he said. “Besides, the fact of the Armenian genocide is no more a question. Today there is only one issue on the political agenda – to what extent this or that country is prepared to recognize the Armenian Genocide, jeopardizing its relations with Turkey.”

“Today we have nothing to argue about, while a few years ago we still had to prove there was genocide. I think the ice is now broken,” Samvel Martirosyan said.

He said the Armenian internet security experts managed to protect the websites against the Turkish-Azerbaijani hacking attacks. The dozen of Armenian websites hacked were not among the most popular ones, and this did not prevent the coverage of centennial events by most acclaimed local and foreign media.

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