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Glamorous grandmother discovers link to the Kardashians, marks Armenian Genocide centennial

A GLAMOROUS grandmother has found she has a shared heritage with her daughter’s favourite reality TV stars – the Kardashians – after embarking on a voyage of discovery into her own past, the Grimsby Telegraph reports.

Annemarie Leake, 56, of Louth, decided to find out more about her natural parents after her adopted mum Emily Lindley, 93, of Cleethorpes, began reminiscing about her own father, who served in the First World War.

Mrs Lindley said her dad, Alfred Thompson, was one of the Grimsby Chums.

And, having never known anything about her natural parents or family tree, the recollections inspired her to find out more.

Annemarie, who was the 2013 UK Glamorous Grandmother winner, said she had found “peace of mind” thanks to a DNA match, which revealed her natural mother was an Armenian woman.

And, as a mark of respect to her new-found heritage, yesterday the family held their own commemorations to the genocide of millions of Armenians 100 years ago, as part of a global day of remembrance of those who died in the atrocities.

Annemarie said: “I have never had a birthday, nor a place of birth or a family line that was my own.

“I wanted to know what my heritage was. At last I have found it and it has given me peace of mind.”

The grandmother of two said: “It is so nice to have a point of origin.

“I would love to meet any other Armenian people living in the area.”

Annemarie added her daughter Katarina had always been an avid follower of the rich Kardashian family in the US – including famous socialite Kim, pictured – who have proudly showcased their Armenian ancestry.

Annemarie said: “I can feel there is more of a connection to The Kardashians.”

Annemarie told how she first met her adoptive mother 56 years ago at Jews’ Court in Lincoln – where they return on the same day each year to celebrate becoming a family. Yesterday, they visited St James’ Church to light a candle to her ancestors and displayed red, blue and gold flowers – the national colours of Armenia – in her home.

Annemarie said she was proud of her heritage and said her homeland was the fabled place where Noah built his ark.

An ark is inscribed on Armenian currency.

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