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Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada to the Armenian-Canadian community

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has addressed a message to the Armenian-Canadian Community

On this day we remember the terrible loss of life during the demise of the Ottoman Empire in 1915, and in particular the horrific suffering endured by the Armenian people one hundred years ago.

Both the Senate of Canada and the House of Commons have adopted resolutions referring to these events as genocide.

This is a day we acknowledge solemnly, not to cast blame back into the distant past, but to guide us towards a better future. It reminds us all why we must remain committed to ensuring that today’s world is one where respect for human rights and democratic freedom prevails.

 Today, Canadians of Armenian and Turkish origin live together, sharing our values of tolerance and openness. In this spirit, we encourage Armenia and Turkey to resume discussion of normalization protocols, to seek a path towards reconciliation including an open border, the establishment of diplomatic relations and the implementation of a dialogue on the events of 1915. On this day of remembrance, we praise individuals in both countries who are courageously examining the historical record to seek to achieve a common understanding with honesty and in a spirit of goodwill.

 Now one hundred years later, I join all Canadians, especially those of Armenian descent, in remembering the past and in sharing hope for a future based on peace and mutual respect.

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