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Recognition of Armenian Genocide in Turkey’s interest: Caroline Cox

“I’m deeply sad that I am a member of a parliament, the Parliament of the United Kingdom whose Government today refuses to recognize the Armenian Genocide,” Member of the UK House of Lords, Baroness Caroline Cox said at the Global Forum Against the Crime of Genocide under way in Armenia’s capital Yerevan. She said “it’s a shame.”

“I’m happy to mention that two parts of our United Kingdon – Wales and Scotland – have recognized the Armenian Genocide. I applaud them and all national governments that have done the same,” Baroness Cox said.

She also appreciated that the issue of recognition of other genocides has been included in the forum. Caroline Cox said another example of genocide is Azerbaijan’s attempt to annihilate the Armenian people in their historic land of Artsakh. “Whenever I visit Armenia and Artsakh, I’m so humbled and inspired by the spirit of Armenian people.

“You are like a phoenix. You do not only survive, but also create beauty from the ashes of destruction here in Armenia and the holy land of Artsakh,” Baroness Cox said.

“Sadly, Azerbaijan continues to threaten and to kill. And it is essential to call on Azerbaijan to account for the past attempted ethnic cleansing and its threats for the future. I believe that Nagorno Karabakh or Artsakh has at least a valid claim for independence, to self-determination like Kosovo had,” she said. “We should all strive to achieve that justice for  the Armenians of Artsakh.”

Baroness Cox hailed Pope Francis’s recognition of the Armenian Genocide. She said “it is in the interest of Turkish people themselves to acknowledge the truth of this part of history.” Baroness Cox appreciated the contribution of the speakers from Turkey at the forum.

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