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PACE adopts declaration on Armenian Genocide centennial

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) has adopted a declaration in commemoration of the Armenian Genocide centennial. The declaration has been signed by 171 parliamentarians from 40 countries. The document reads:

Genocide is an unconceivable crime for a society which is founded on tolerance and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms. Early prevention of such crimes can surely stop the escalation of conflicts, tragedies and humanitarian catastrophes. The absence of unequivocal and timely condemnation of the Armenian genocide largely contributed to the failure to prevent future crimes against humanity such as the Holocaust and other genocides.

24 April 2015 marks the Centennial of the Armenian genocide. 1,500,000 Armenians perished as a result of this hideous crime perpetrated in the Ottoman Empire.

The undersigned parliamentarians pay tribute to the memory of innocent victims and condemn all forms of crimes against humanity and genocide and deeply deplore attempts at their denial. Prevention of genocides and crimes against humanity should be amongst our priorities. Further development of the international capacities in this regard is instrumental.

The Council of Europe has an important role to play within the international efforts in contributing to the prevention of crimes against humanity. It should encourage its member States to come to terms with their own past and prepare grounds for future reconciliation between peoples.

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