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Helsinki Commission calls for recognition of the Armenian Genocide

The Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, also known as the Helsinki Commission, will hold a hearing on “A Century of Denial: The Armenian Genocide and the Ongoing Quest for Justice” on April 23.

“I appeal to the President to recognize the genocide of the Armenians. On the centenary of this tragedy we should join the German government and Pope Francis in speaking this word of truth,” said Rep. Chris Smith (NJ-04), chairman of the Helsinki Commission, ahead of the hearing.

“I also appeal to the Turkish government to recognize the genocide and issue a genuine apology. As mass atrocities unfold in Syria and Iraq, the world needs Turkey to engage constructively with its neighbors. The Turkish government can do this only after it honestly faces its own past.”

The hearing will examine denialism by the Government of Turkey and the decades-long effort to seek accountability. The hearing will also provide an opportunity to assess potential countercurrents in Turkish society that could move the Government of Turkey toward recognition, and explore what the United States and other countries can do to help bring about recognition and eventually, reconciliation.

The following witnesses are scheduled to testify:

  • Dr. Taner Akçam, Professor of History, Robert Aram, Marianne Kaloosdian and Stephen and Marian Mugar Chair in Armenian Genocide Studies,  Clark University
  • Mr. Kenneth V. Hachikian, Chairman of the Armenian National Committee of America
  • Mr. Van Z. Krikorian, Co-Chairman, Board of Trustees of the Armenian Assembly of America
  • Dr. Elizabeth H. Prodromou, Visiting Associate Professor of Conflict Resolution, The Fletcher S
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