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Charles Aznavour: Time for Turks to tell the truth about Armenian Genocide

“Turks should be told it’s time to tell the truth,” world known French-Armenian singer Charles Aznavour said during a program on Russian First Channel.

Aznavour said he will be in Yerevan on April 24 to participate in the Armenian Genocide Centennial commemoration events.

He said, however, he feels no hatred towards Turks. “My mother, who lost her family in the Genocide, did not feel hatred, either. She has taught me there are good people among Turks, as well. I have been taught not to lie, not to hate, that’s important.”

Charles Aznavour hailed the Pope’s statement on the Armenian Genocide. “Pope Francis is one of the few people, who tell the truth and support the truth irrespective of anything,” he said.

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