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International community annoyed by Turkey’s inadequate stance: Alexander Arzumanyan





Expert of international law Vladimir Vardanyan says the European Parliament’s Resolution on the Armenian Genocide Centennial was of moral, rather than legal importance.

“The bill may have no legal influence, but will create a serious moral-political atmosphere for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide and condemnation of its denial not only in Turkey but also the world, at large,” Vardanyan told reporters today.

He hopes the EP Resolution and the Pope’s statement will positively affect the European Court’s decision in Perincek vs. Switzerland case.

MP from the “Heritage” faction Alexander Arzumanyan said the document included important highlights. According to him, the Pope’s remarks om the Armenian Genocide had a role in the adoption of the EP resolution. As for Turkey’s reaction, “it was inadequate,” he said.

“The international community is annoyed by this inadequate position of Turkey. Turkey does not want to accept it’s no longer an important role-player in the region,” Arzumanyan said.

“We should be aware that we won’t get up in the morning of April 25 and see that the world has recognized the Armenian Genocide. This is a process, and step by step we should reach the point where Turkey will face its own history,” he said.

Arzumanyan is more than confident that Turkey will reconsider its stance, but also considers that a lot of time and effort is needed.

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