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Petition urges Israel to recognize the Armenian Genocide

A group of Israelis have launched a petition in three languages (English, Russian and Hebrew), urging Israel to officially recognize the Armenian Genocide. The petition reads:

“There is no doubt in Israel whatsoever about the fact of the Armenian Genocide, more so, it was Israeli historians who were among those pioneers who started researching this matter. The term GENOCIDE was initiated by a Jew, Rafael Lemkin, who first used it to define the mass slaughter of Armenians in Ottoman Empire and Jews by the Nazi Germany.

This makes it outrageous, even shameful to see the inability of Israeli Knesset and Israeli State Department to officially recognize the fact of Armenian Genocide for the fear of compromising the so-called friendly relations between Israel and Turkey.

Twenty three countries have already taken this step. It is time for Israel as well to officially recognize the annihilation of one and a half million Armenians as Genocide.

In April 2015 in will be exactly 100 years since those terrible events.

It is never too late to restore justice!”

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