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Denial not opening the door to reconciliation: Armenian FM

Armenian Foreign Minister Edward ‪‎Nalbandian‬ answered the questions of Italian website.

Question: What impression do you have from the Pope’s statement on the‪ ArmenianGenocide‬?

Answer: The address by Pope Francis I during the Sunday Mass service in Rome‬ marking the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide was an important message of solidarity with the Armenian people, it was also a message of support to the efforts of the international community for the prevention of new crimes against humanity, new genocides.

Question: How would you comment Turkey’s displeasure with respect to this statement?

Answer: These are the words of the spiritual leader of 1 billion 200 million Catholics of the world. If in Turkey they do not agree with this approach, do not agree with the approach of many countries, international organizations which have recognized the Armenian Genocide, it is the problem of Turkey, and not of the international community.

It shows that Turkey and the international community are talking in different languages.

That is yet another proof that Turkey is continuing its policy of denial on state level, thus assuming responsibility for the crime committed by the authorities of the Ottoman Empire.

Led by universal noble values the Pope wisely said: “”Concealing or denying evil is like allowing a wound to keep bleeding without bandaging it.”

Denial is not opening the door to reconciliation, it is opening the door to new crimes against humanity.

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