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How did the Armenian Genocide shape your history? Share the stories with The Guardian

As preparations are under way to mark the centenary of the Armenian genocide, The Guardian invites Armenians worldwide to share the stories of how the Armenian Genocide shaped their family history.

The Guardian reminds that 1.5 million people lost their lives in state-organized violence at the hands of Ottoman forces. The massacre, which is commemorated on 24 April 2015, also saw hundreds and thousands of Armenians displaced.

In special mass at the Vatican on Sunday, Pope Francis called the massacre “the first genocide of the 20th century”, a message which Turkey received with “great disappointment and sadness”.

The Guardian writes: “If you are in Armenia, or part of the Armenian diaspora living abroad, we want to hear your stories of how the genocide shaped your family history. Have you held on to artefacts, letters or photos from the time? Did your family escape, and how has that affected where you live today? We’d also like to hear how you commemorate the anniversary – and if you are doing anything special to mark the centenary.”

Click here to share your story.

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