Six concerts in Paris and a new album: Aznavour younger than ever

After four years of absence from the French capital, Charles Aznavour will be back for six exceptional performances, Moonlight Productions announced, L’Orient Le Jour reports.

The tireless artist will perform at the Palais des Sports in Paris from 15 to 27 September 2015, after a world tour that took him from last year in New York, Moscow, Montreal, London, Berlin, Los Angeles, Rome Yerevan. He even celebrated her 90 years on stage, on 22 May, in the German capital. His next original album, he has written, composed and arranged, will be released on May 4 under the title Encores, a word that evokes reminders of the public in English, four years after the previous one and fifty others.

“This is the first time I write an album that talks about my past,” he recently told fingering nostalgic topics in this sequel: “the war of resistance, places that we frequented when we went to get drunk … ”

Dubbed the “French Sinatra” Charles Aznavour is the author of more than 1,000 songs, actor in nearly 80 films and has performed in over 94 countries. “I have never, ever uttered the word goodbye,” he launched in 2011, just before a series of 22 concerts at the Olympia for his 87 years.

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