Kanye West will join Kim Kardashian on trip to Armenia

Kanye West will accompany wife Kim Kardashian and daughter Nori on their upcoming trip to Armenia next week, X17online can report exclusively.

The trio will be in Kim’s ancestral country just ahead of the 100th anniversary of the genocide of Armenian people, on April 24.

Kim dropped her first hint of the trip back in January, when she explained that her then-platinum blonde ‘was only temporary and that she’d return to being a brunette ahead of her trip to Armenia. It wasn’t certain when she’d be traveling and if Kanye and North would come with her, but X17online can report exclusively, that Kim will travel with her hubby and daughter and that they’ll head there next week.

It’s still unclear whether Kim will participate in an commemorative events but it IS clear that she wants to pass on to her family some education about her heritage. Kim’s dad Robert, the famous OJ Simpson attorney who died from cancer in 2003, was an immigrant from the country and apparently Kim wants to connect to that history.

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