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Concerts in Graz, Austria, dedicated to the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide

On April 3, a concert dedicated to the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide by Grand Orchestra and Vocalforum Graz of Graz, under the baton of conductor Christian Muthspiel, was held in the Main hall of the Helmut List Halle, in the frameworks of “Saghmos” annual festival in Austria. The concert was held in sponsorship of Graz City Council Department of Culture, Government of Land Steiermark, “Kleine Zeitung” and “Der Standard” newspapers, Austrian public radio and TV broadcasting and in cooperation with the Embassy of Armenia in Austria.

Ambassador of Armenia to Austria Arman Kirakossian, politicians and public figures, journalists attended the concert.

Works by Komitas and Tigran Mansurian were performed, including Mansurian’s Requiem, 2011.

On the previous day, April 2, Armenian folk music and sacred songs concert was held in the same Concert hall, during which works by Sayat-Nova, Komitas, Gusan Jivani and Dikran Tchouhadjian were performed.

The concerts were well received by the audience and were widely covered in the Austrian media. Pamphlets and brochure, published on the occasion of the festival, thoroughly cover the Armenian Genocide.

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