Video of Armenian expat teaching Aussies how to cook “khorovats” goes viral – Video

An Armenian expat who shows Australians how to cook a ‘real barbecue’ has become an internet sensation after his daughter posted his hilarious video online, according to Daily Mail

Yervand Garginian, a 60-year-old bus driver from South Croydon in Melbourne, filmed himself cooking chicken on an open charcoal barbecue using a traditional ‘khorovats’ recipe at a recent family gathering.

In the video Mr Garginian, who moved to Australia from Armenia in 1977, dismisses the Australian-style barbecue of cooking ‘oily’ sausages.

His daughter Elizabeth Garginian, 24, posted the video to Reddit and it has since been viewed more than five million times after it was shared across Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

In the video Mr Garginian says: ‘Hi guys, I want to tell you what, this is the real barbecue OK?

‘Not your barbecue with the sausage, it’s all oily thing you eating, this is the real barbecue which is called Armenian barbecue.

‘Once you eat you’re going to eat your fingers together too, and then you’re going feel sorry you eat your fingers.’

Ms Garginian said she never anticipated the video would be so popular when she first posted it from her clothing business Casual Dress Day’s YouTube account.

‘My boyfriend posted it on Reddit and within one hour it was on the top page of videos, and within the next hour it was on the front page of Reddit and it went to number two,’ she told Daily Mail Australia.

‘We were awake all night staring at it – it was crazy.

‘I think it’s just because it’s funny, the way my dad explains it is funny.’

Ms Garginian said her father was enjoying his newfound internet fame.

‘He’s pretty excited, he’s happy that the whole world’s seen his barbecue.’

The video was filmed at her cousin Albert’s house to celebrate a new veranda Mr Garginian had just helped to build.

Ms Garginian said the chicken was marinated in spices overnight according to a secret family recipe.

She said her family often gathers together so her father and uncles can cook the traditional barbecue for everyone.

‘All the uncles will gather around early and stand around the barbecue and drink vodka,’ Ms Garginian said.

‘Whenever my dad and uncles have been out at parks doing Armenian barbecue they always receive attention from the public, and they always let people come over and try some to share our culture.

‘Whenever they’re doing it the smell takes over the whole street.’

Ms Garginian added that unlike her father, she also enjoys Australian-style barbecues.

‘I like sausages on the barbecue, I like a sausage sizzle, but it’s so different to the type of barbecue we do.’

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