Cypriot Parliament President Omirou receives Armenian counterpart in historic meeting

President of the Cypriot Parliament Yiannakis Omirou received the President of the Armenian National Assembly Galust Sahakyan on April 2  in Nicosia, according to Greek Reporter.

Describing the meeting with his counterpart as a “historic” moment, Omirou underlined the historic ties and the common destiny connecting the two countries. On his behalf, Mr. Sahakyan said Cyprus and Armenia are aiming to strengthen their cooperation in the international fora.

“This is a historic visit to Cyprus as it coincides with the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide,” the Cypriot House of Representatives (Parliament) told the press after a meeting with his Armenian counterpart, adding that Cyprus was the first country to raise the issue of Armenian Genocide before the United Nations General Assembly in 1965. Moreover, he recalled that Cyprus recognized the Armenian Genocide in 1975 with a Parliament resolution, which was repeated in 1982, whereas in 1990 the Cypriot Parliament unanimously adopted another resolution setting the 24th of April as the national day to commemorate the Armenian Genocide.

Characterizing Armenia as a “brotherly country,” he pointed out the two countries’ historical ties as well as the “common historical destiny.” “Cyprus has also been a victim of Turkish brutality and expansionism since the Turkish occupation violates the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Cyprus for the last 41 years,” he said. Moreover, he said the Armenian community in Cyprus is the “link” between the two countries.

On his behalf, the President of the Armenian National Assembly, repeated that Cyprus and Armenia “reaffirm their cooperation and friendship.” “We are in a friendly country and we will try in our meetings to give reasonable solutions to the issues that concern us,” he characteristically noted, adding that both sides “are confident that historical truth and justice will prevail and there will be a day when all the ancient peoples will gain a greater role in world affairs.”

Finally, Mr. Sahakyan pointed out that on March 24 the Armenian National Assembly adopted a resolution recognizing the genocide of the Greeks of Pontos and the Assyrians.

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