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“Le Figaro” magazine’s “Histoire” journal features article on Armenian Genocide

An extended article on the Armenian Genocide was published in April edition of prominent French “Le Figaro” magazine’s “Histoire” journal.

The article entitled “Armenia: Forgotten genocide” by French Armenian historian Michael Nishanian thoroughly covers the chronology of the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire, and 1894-1896 Hamidian massacres and presents the Turkish nationalistic ideology behind the genocide.

“Century-long denial” section of the article describes denial policy pursued by the Turkish authorities which followed the Armenian Genocide and continues into today. In this section the change in the dates of Gallipoli battle 100th anniversary is presented as vivid example of denialism. However, according to the author, attempts to shift international community’s attentionhave not achieved any result – as opposed to the Turkish authorities’ expectations.

Works about the Armenian Genocide published in France during recent months and the schedule of the main events to be held in April were also covered on the pages of the journal.

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