Arman Navasardyan: Iran won’t change policy towards Armenia, if it becomes nuclear power





Being at the epicenter of hottest developments in the region is very important, but we must be cautious, Ambassador Arman Navasardyan told reporters today, as he commented on the plans to open an Embassy of Armenia in Iraqi Kurdistan. He considers that Turkey will try to use the Armenian factor against the creation of Greater Kurdistan. Kurds, in turn, will use the same Armenian factor for realization of their programs.

According to Arman Navasardyan, we have to be cautions here, because if a Greater Kurdistan is created with a center in Dyarbekir, it will put an end to the territorial claims of Armenians.

Speaking about the developments around Iran’s nuke programs, the Ambassador analyzed the possible developments. “If Iran gets nuclear weapons, Saudi Arabia and Turkey will strive to reach the same. This will, in turn, destroy the whole “regime” of non-proliferation of nuclear weapons,” he said. Arman Navasardyan says this will lead to serious consequences not only for the region, but also for the global geopolitical strategy and considers that the scenario is likely.

“In case Iran refuses to produce nuclear weapons, the West will maintain the pressure on the country,” he said.

At the same time, the Ambassador said the US is changing its policy towards Iran. “The US seems to be searching for a new partner in the region, and is willing to replace Turkey with Iran.”

The analyst said there are a number of deep processes under way in the region, the outcome of which is hard to predict. Arman Navasardyan does not share the opinion that Iran will change its policy towards Armenia, if it becomes a nuclear power. He believes this may even benefit Armenia.

The Ambassador said the recent Armenian-Chinese documents signed within the framework of President Serzh Sargsyan’s visit were timely and promising, and can well change the economic and political situation in Armenia.

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