#AGBUtalks kick off on April 1 at the Ayb School in Yerevan

#AGBUtalks is one of the landmark events of this year’s 88th General Assembly. It aims to create a common discussion platform to inspire and engage the participants to develop ideas and roadmaps for strengthening the nation. #AGBUtalks features keynote speakers from major educational institutions, synergic hubs, foundations, state and international organizations operating in Armenia and abroad. #AGBUtalks panels are open to all AGBU General Assembly participants and registered members of the public.

The panels focus on human capital in Armenia and the diaspora, challenges of Armenian state-building and ways to boost Armenia’s international standing. They aim to motivate participants to intensify youth engagement in tackling the country’s biggest challenges and create a more unified network of active youth and professionals.

The first panel is entitled “Human Capital in Armenia and the Diaspora.” The panelists and participants will discuss the existing problems and prospects for developing pan-Armenian potential. Serving as a platform for exchange, it aims to unveil new opportunities for local and diasporan Armenian participants and allows for stronger bonds with the homeland. The event highlights the importance of education and the various educational initiatives taken by AGBU as a key to ensuring stronger and more competitive human capital.

The panel’s keynote speakers include Father Mesrop Aramyan, chairman of the Board of Trustees of Ayb Educational Foundation; Sam Simonian, AGBU vice president and founder of the Simonian Educational Foundation and the Tumo Center for Creative Technologies; Armen Der Kiureghian, AUA president; Aram Salatian, general director of National Instruments Armenia; and Yeva Hyusyan, country director of Microsoft Armenia.

Education is one of the pivotal spheres where AGBU brings both expertise and financial contribution to supporting Armenia with developing state-of-the-art education facilities, institutions and alternative ambience for learning. Throughout its existence, AGBU has offered consistent support to various educational programs aimed at enriching the knowledge and skills of the younger generation and strengthening the workforce in Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh.

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