Genealogy (Armenia): “Whoever had this idea – it’s crazy!”

Genealogy will represent Armenia at Eurovision Song Contest this year. It’s a “global” group of famous singers from five different continents who are all true to their Armenian roots.

“Whoever had this idea – it’s crazy. This is a true idea that symbolizes unity, love, and peace”, Vahe Tilbian tells us about the concept of Genealogy and their 2015 Eurovision Song Contest entry Face The Shadow.

The Eurovision Song Contest’s official website had an interview with the six band members Essaï Altounian, Tamar Kaprelian, Stephanie Topalian, Vahe Tilbian, Mary-Jean O’Doherty Vasmatzian, and Inga Arshakyan.

In the video, one will find out how a pepsi bottle literally started Tamar Kaprelian’s career, and how the concept behind Genealogy corresponds with the official slogan of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest, Building Bridges: they share the idea of coming together, of using music as a tool to bring people together.

For Stephanie Topalian, who grew up in the US and now lives in Japan, being part of Genealogy is a long awaited opportunity to get in touch with her roots: “I really wanted to come to the homeland. I’m so excited to finally be here, with music, with something I love.”

Mary-Jean O’Doherty Vasmatzian adds: “To be part of this is a huge honor. I have never performed for so many people at once. That’s really exciting to have that energy coming to you from the audience.

Genealogy, six artists from five different continents and Armenia, are building a bridge with time. The members are sharing the rich Armenian cultural heritage with the European audience – which makes the yard of Saint Gevorg Monastery of Mughni the perfect home of the unique photo shoot.

The photographer Ruben Martirosyan highlighted the Armenian background and origin of artists within the concept of the project with great excitement. Inspired by the song title Face The Shadow he could also originally capture each artist’s character as a shadow.

The stylist of the photo shoot, Armen Galyan, has combined different shades of grey and black also not similar textiles, thus reaching a 3D-like effect with the monotonous colors. On the clothes he comments: “We combined Armenian and European fashion trends mixing the contemporary and the traditional. We have tried to create modern characters that are merged with Armenian roots at the same time. This topic is very popular now.”

Pins with images of the artists’ grandparents, patterns of Armenian architecture and Mughni Monastery symbolize Genealogy’s name and the idea of Armenia’s entry: specifications of ancient Armenian people and their origin.

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