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Our dead have names: In homage to Armenian Genocide victims

By Jean Eckian

Within a month, on April 24, 2015, the Armenian community will commemorate the Genocide of 1915 which was perpetrated by the Young Turks government of Ottoman Empire.

In turn, our sons and daughters should not have to struggle to make the Turkish State recognize the ignominy of the Genocide inflicted on our people. Their future should be normal and happy within a society that has made peace with itself. This is why we are making a solemn call to the whole community so that every one of its members can witness the drama that has affected them personally in 1915.

We are asking men and women from all continents to stand vigilant, as the memory of the Martyrs is decried, as unprecedented violence is being inflicted on the sons and daughters of the survivors of the Armenian Genocide, and as the very existence of our identity, symbolized by the vestiges of our culture, is being willfully wiped out.

Today, Armenians are the target of the denial of the crime of which their parents were innocent victims.

Scorned, bruised, exasperated, but nevertheless Armenian, we have to tell the world, once and for all, that the time for geopolitical procrastination has passed. We are not claiming to be victims, but protesters for simple justice. The first of these is to allow us to pay respect to our graveless parents’ remains. We will do this on April 24, as we have done every year since 1916.

In the absence of burial sites, website I created in 2005 (only online), enables every one of us to write in the names of those who lost their lives on our ancestral soil. Once this has been done, another task will be invoked: to ensure the permanent recognition of the Genocide of the Armenian people and the inevitable consequences of recognition.

Brought to task, the Turkish government has embarked on an unprecedented campaign of denial of strength of which Armenians would again be the victims.

Therefore, on the occasion of the 100th commemoration of this human cataclysm, we call upon each of to resist falling into silent consent by visiting the website now at to see for yourselves and to help show that our dead have names. This is our duty.

Jean Eckian is a freelance journalist, the co-organizer of the recording “For you Armenia,1989” (Aznavour for Armenia) and the creator of the only Armenian memorial on Internet with the support of Charles Aznavour

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