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Syrian Parliament Speaker calls on international community to condemn the Armenian Genocide

Speaker of the People’s Assembly of Syria, Dr. Mohammad Jihad al-Laham received Armenian Ambassador to Syria Arshak Poladyan on March 21.

Ambassador Poladyan conveyed to the Syrian Parliament Speaker a congratulatory letter from Galust Sahakyan, President of the National Assembly of Armenia.

In the letter Galust Sahakyan expressed gratitude for holding a special sitting at the Syrian People’s Assembly dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, for condemning this heavy crime and expressing support to the Armenian people.

The Armenian Speaker expressed special gratitude to the Syrian people, who opened the doors and gave refuge to Armenian Genocide survivors. “The humane attitude of the Syrian nation and its leaders is always remembered and appreciated by the Armenian people,” Mr. Sahakyan wrote.

At the meeting Dr. Mohammad Jihad al-Laham once again referred to the genocide committed by the Ottoman Empire against the Armenian peoples and called on the international community to condemn this heinous crime against humanity.

Ambassador Poladyan, in turn, briefed the Syrian Parlaiment Speaker on the events dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

Other issues of regional importance were also discussed.

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