Turkey and the Armenian cultural legacy





On April 18, the day for protection of monuments, the Erebuni” Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve in Yerevan will host an exhibition on “The Urartian Heritage of Western Armenia,” Head of IOMOS Armenia Office and Director of Erebuni Museum Gagik Gyurjyan told reporters today.

“This is our legacy and we must be the masters of it at least by organizing such exhibitions,” he said.

Speaking about Turkey’s state policy on the protection of Armenian monuments, Gyurjyan said Ankara pays great attention to historical-architectural sites on its territory, including Armenian ones, out of considerations of  development of tourism.

Turkey also pretends to be civilized and tolerant towards Armenian legacy, he added. He noted that the most important Armenian site of the territory of Turkey is undoubtedly the ancient city of Ani, where serious research works are being conducted.

According to Gagik Gyurjyan, Turkey consistently destroys the Armenian cultural trace dated before the 4th century. This refers to the Urartian period, the Kingdom of Van, etc.

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