Armenia’s geographical location does not allow to stay apart from regional developments





What’s happening in the Middle East is a war involving all neighboring countries. Vardan Khachatryan, lecturer at the Faculty of Theology at the Yerevan State University, says the developments are dangerous for the small, indigenous peoples. “This is not new in our region,” he said, pointing to the Armenian Genocide as an example.

“What’s happening today is a more large-scale phenomenon; the possible developments are even harder to predict,” Khachatryan said. He stressed the need for correct steps, adding that “any mistake could be fatal.”

According to publicist Karine Hakobyan, Armenia’s geographical position does not allow the country to stay neutral, which is fraught with negative consequences.

“We should have our own active policy in this geopolitical situation,” she said.

Karine Hakobyan considers that the current events are a war against ancient civilizations. In this regard, she believes Armenia can well be helpful for small nations targeted by ISIS.

Diaspora Armenian Garnik Sarkisian says “being a small nation, we should be alert under the conditions of the current developments in the region.”

“The geopolitical situation around Armenia is extremely strained today. We may become the unwitting victim. This is how indigenous peoples having no role in decision-making become victims.”

According to Garnik Sarkisian, to be influential, one should be strong economically and militarily and enjoy strong people-government relations.

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