Kidnappings and baby deliveries: Kremlin aide makes fun of Putin rumors

Russian President’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov has made fun of the crazy theories regarding Vladimir Putin’s lack of public appearances, saying he was paralyzed, kidnapped by the military and just returned from Switzerland, Sputnik reports.

International media has been abuzz on why Russia’s President Vladimir Putin was absent from the public eye for more than a week prompting Dmitry Peskov, the president’s press secretary, to weighed in on the hot topic.

“Have you all seen the paralyzed president, kidnapped by the generals? He has just returned from Switzerland, where he was delivering a baby,” Peskov joked, naming all the wild theories regarding Putin’s lack of public appearances.

A foreign journalist asked the press secretary to comment on one theory stating that a foreign doctor visited Putin. Peskov smiled and said, “Yes, he was one of the generals, who kidnapped Putin.”

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