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Brand Library and Art Center in Glendale hosts exhibit featuring Armenian artists

An art collection of more than 80 works from prominent Armenian artists that encompasses a century since the Armenian Genocide opened to the public on Sunday at the Brand Library and Art Center, the Glendale News-Press reports.

The exhibit, called “Life100,” features works by Armenians who were raised in different parts of the world with some works coming from artists known as masters, while others are by more contemporary artists.

Masters — such as Arshile Gorky and Garo Antreasian, whose works are a part of the display — earned their title because of the significant contributions they made to the world of art where they lived, including France, Germany or the United States, said curator Carolyne Tufenkian.

“Edgar Chahine contributed quite a lot to the French art movement, while Gorky was a major influence in abstract expressionism,” she said.

Though the idea of putting the exhibit together was motivated by the centennial anniversary of the Armenian Genocide that started in 1915, the many oil paintings, charcoal drawings and sculptures won’t be pieces about death or tragedy.

“What we’re trying to do here is celebrate survival,” Tufenkian said. “We’re celebrating 100 years of resilience and giving back to the community, to the world in a very creative way.”

The artworks were donated by private galleries and collections, she said.

They will be on display through May 1.

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