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New book on Armenian Genocide presented in Moscow

On March 11, the presentation of the book in Russian and English, entitled “Armenian Genocide: history, lessons, consequences” by member of Union of Journalist of Russia, writer and retired colonel John Akopov, in co-authorship with President of the European Academy For Security And Conflictology, Doctor, Professor (Ph.D. in Law) Igor Bondarenko took place at Biblio-Globus bookstore, in Moscow, in cooperation with the Embassy of Armenia in Russia.

Politicians, public figures, representatives of Armenian community of Moscow, diplomats, journalists, students attended the exhibition.

In his remarks, co-author of the book John Akopov reflected on the importance of the work in the fields of political science and history, stressing that presented book is a result of years research of the co-authors. “Numerous historic facts – evidence that an act of genocide was committed against Armenians in 1915 in the Ottoman Empire – are revealed in the book. Through the book, attention of wider sections of society will be drawn to the numerous archive documents, that yet again testify, that massive pogroms committed against the Armenian people was well-planned in advance by the Ottoman authorities and pursued the very goal of destruction of Armenians”, mentioned John Akopov.

According to co-author Igor Bondarenko, abovementioned work pursues an aim to counter all false and fabricated materials and publications, that are directed to present the 1915 events incomplete and in a distorted way. “Anyone, who opens this book and gets familiar with introduced wide-range documents, will never again doubt what happened with Armenians in 1915, in the Ottoman Empire”, Igor Bondarenko expressed confidence.

President of Russian-Armenian Commonwealth organization Yuri Navoyan, Secretary of Russian Central body for Centennial of the Armenian Genocide Central body for Centennial of the Armenian Genocide, Counsellor at the Embassy of Armenia to Russia Maria Babayan, member of the Council on State Cultural Policy under RF Federation Council Valiri Narinyan, expert at RF State Duma Pavel Subbotin, Vice-President of Assembly of the Nobility George Grishin.

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