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George Clooney: Armenian Genocide ‘hasn’t been acknowledged’ (Video)

George Clooney talks with CNN’s Richard Roth about his efforts to stop genocide and other human rights abuses through his group Not on Our Watch, at an event in New York where he announced the new annual AURORA prize for those who have overcome adversity and gone on to help others. Clooney also opens up about being part of a human rights power couple with his wife, Amal Clooney.

“The Armenian Genocide has not been acknowledged 100 years after it happened,” Clooney told the CNN.

He said one of the things that is important to his group Not on Our Watch is to prevent the genocide before it happens. “Part of this is acknowledging what happened before. We cannot just ignore the history,” he added.

Clooney said it’s important to bring attention to the genocides still happening today.

On March 10 George Clooney joined humanitarian leaders to launch a new global prize, the Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity, as part of the 100 LIVES initiative.

“We really want people to get involved with 100 LIVES,” said Clooney, “to celebrate those that overcome adversity and give back to others, just as the Armenian community is doing in this centenary year.”

The Aurora Prize will be given to those who put themselves at risk and enable others to survive and thrive. Its annual grant of $1 million will be awarded to a recipient who will, in turn, present it to the organization identified as the inspiration for their action. Mr. Clooney will award the inaugural Prize at a ceremony in Yerevan, Armenia on 24 April, 2016.

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