Hayots Dzor, the first volume in the History of Armenia series, published





“Hayots Dzor” – the first volume in the History of Armenia series has been published. The book will be presented to public tomorrow, Samvel Karapetyan, Head of the Research on the Armenian Architecture NGO,  told reporters today. The book is being translated into English and Russian.

This volume series pursues the aim of presenting the history of Armenia district by district (each of them village by village) for the first time in Armenian Studies,

Hayots DzorThe research is based on published sources and manuscripts in Armenian and foreign languages that have been accumulated for many decades, as well as on rich field material collected during the trips made to different parts of Mets Hayk (Armenia Maior) since the late 1950s.

Each of these 36 volumes will be dedicated to a district of Historical Armenia, namely Armenia Maior and Armenia Minor (Mets Hayk and Pokr Hayk). Every volume will treat the history of the given district and that of all its inhabited places according to a specified set of subtitles (location, name, historical introduction, population, statistical data, employment, economy, churches, schools, historical monuments, prominent Armenians from the given place, etc.).

Each of them will be enriched with more than 1,000 photographs, as well as a wide variety of maps, measurements, inscription tracings and other supplementary materials.

The first volume of the series is symbolically dedicated to Hayots Dzor as the Patriarch of the Armenian nation, Hayk, founded his house in this very district after his victorious battle against Bel.

The project is expected to be completed within 10-12 years.

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