Work underway to create forest sanctuary in northern Armenia

Forest tavushWork is underway in the framework of the EU-funded forestry programme FLEG, to create a forest sanctuary in the Tavush Region of Northern Armenia with a total area of 13,000 ha, aiming to save the diversity of flora and fauna, ecosystems and landscapes, support socio-economic development of adjacent communities and promote tourism development, reports.

Following a feasibility study under the first phase of the FLEG programme, the project is now working on mapping and clarification of the sanctuary boundaries. The overall initiative is aimed at strengthening the planning and management of forest reserves through pilot projects.

The programme also plans to develop a sanctuary management plan and support the implementation of some of its measures.

The €9 million ENPI FLEG II programme deepens reforms in forestry policy, and legal and administrative matters in the sector while carrying out pilot projects, and addressing forest fire and climate issues. It builds upon the achievements of its predecessor, ENPI FLEG I programme.

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