Vazgen Sargsyan would be 56 today





Vazgen Sargsyan would be 56 today. He was a politician and writer, Defense Minister, leader of the Republican Party, co-president of the “Unity” alliance, Prime Minister, Hero of the Republic of Armenia and Artsakh, member of the USSR Union of Writers.

Twenty-eight years ago he was searching for his place and role in Armenian literature. It was the Artsakh war that made him a soldier. He was one of the first to understand that the salvation of the Armenian nation was in the weapon.

He passed the way from being a writer to soldier very quickly, as the war imposed on us was demanding soldiers and there was no time to wait.

“During our first meeting in 1989 I understood that I was dealing with a man too far from military craft. In just six months I saw a completely different Vazgen,” says Vova Vardanov, participant of the Artsakh liberation war.

The Armenian Army became his dream and his belief.  “The Army was Vazgen’s home, his pride,” says Mrs. Greta, Vazgen Sargsyan’s mother.

Any national liberation movement bears its heroes. At the end of the 20th century Vazgen Sargsyan was destined to lead the Armenian Army, which did not even  exist at the time.

“Army is the mirror of national self-recognition and the look into future,” Vazgen Sargsyan used to say.

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