President Sargsyan’s message on Vazgen Sargsyan’s 56th birthday

President Serzh Sargsyan today sent a congratulatory message on Vazgen Sargsyan’s 56th birthday and on the oath ceremony of the alumni of Patani Yerkrapah Club, President’s Press Office reports.

“Dear alumni of Patani Yerkrapah Club,

I congratulate you on your oath ceremony and this beautiful and significant day of your life. Your oath to serve your fatherland is holy, and you are the ones who secure our country’s future.

Yerkrapah Volunteer Union was born out of the voluntary movement which began in Artsakh, Armenia and everywhere where Armenians could be found. This was Armenians’ response to the imposed war and the consequence of the absence of a regular army.

Dear boys,

Remember! The heroic deeds of volunteers are immortal. With their devotion and self-sacrifice, they filled the absence of state armed forces. During the given historical period, they did the impossible, shedding their own blood to buy the valuable time needed for formation of a regular army. Moreover, they became the foundation of that army.

Also remember that you are no longer going to be “volunteers.” You are tomorrow’s soldiers and officers of the Republic of Armenia. Regardless of the path you choose, I am sure that you will become dignified citizens of our country.

Today is the birthday of Vazgen Sargsyan; a symbolic day and a beautiful occasion to remember the Sparapet with gratitude and congratulate him on his birthday.

I wish you to deserve Vazgen Sargsyan’s memory and commandments with your diligence, devotion and posture,” reads the RA President’s congratulatory message.

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