Young French Armenian throws juice at Turkey’s ambassador in Paris

A French-Armenian protester hurled a cup of pomegranate juice at Turkey’s ambassador to France, Hakkı Akil, as he gave a talk at a university in the French capital on Monday, France 24 reports.

The pomegranate is the symbol of Armenia.

The protester threw juice on Akil during his talk on “Secularism in Turkey and France” at the faculty of law at Paris Descartes University.  The attacker, who is not a student, was quickly detained by security.

AYF Nor Seround France said the action was aimed to denounce the responsibility of the Turkish state and its current representatives in the genocide of Armenians in 1915. In a statement AYF wrote: “There can be no peace without justice.”

Turkish ambassador continued the conference after he wiped pomegranate juice. The young man was stopped by police.

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