EPP Resolution on Armenian Genocide a serious political achievement





The adoption of the Armenian Genocide Resolution by the European People’s Party (EPP) was a great achievement, considering the Party’s political role, weight and significance, Vice-President of the Republican Party of Armenian Armen Ashotyan told Public Radio of Armenia.

“The European political elite reconfirmed its committment to its value system. It’s no coincidence that the Resolution was titled The Armenian Genocide and the European Values,” Ashotyan said, reminding that the EPP is the largest group both in the European Parliament and the European Commission.

He stressed that the adoption of such a resolution by this force was a serious political achievement for the elimination of the consequences of the Armenian Genocide.

Armen Ashotyan emphasized the fact that the three Armenian political parties – Republican Party, Orinats Yerkir and Heritage – united ther efforts to realize this initiative of national significance.

Secretary of Orinats Yerkir Party Mher Shahgeldyan added that “the Resolution should be viewed as yet another expression of universal and European human values.”

“What’ important is that the  recognition of the Armenian Genocide should be targeted at preventing genocides today and tomorrow. History is not discrete – the past, the present and the future are interrelated,” Mher Shahgeldyan said.

He is assured the Armenian Genocide will be recognized and justice will be restored.

Leader of the Heritage Party Raffi Hovhannisyan said “the struggle should continue.” He added, however, that we should not wait for justice to be served on a tray. According to Hovhannisyan, in the contemporary world “international justice heavily depends on domestic justice.”

Upon the conclusion of the sitting, the Armenian delegates disseminated materials on the Armenian Genocide and handed the symbol of the centennial – the forget-me-not – to their European counterparts.

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