South Dakota House recognizes Armenian Genocide

The South Dakota House of Representatives on Thursday in a vote of 51 to 17 passed a resolution recognizing the Armenian Genocide, becoming the 43rd state to call for justice for the Genocide, Asbarez reports.

With 28 original co-sponsors, the resolution calls for a “just resolution,” condemns denial and encourages the teaching of the Armenian Genocide in South Dakota schools. It also discusses the genocides of Greeks and Assyrians.

“Designating 2015 as the ‘Year of Remembrance for the Centennial Since the Commencement of the Armenian Genocide of 1915-1923′ in South Dakota and urging Congress and the President of the United States to formally and consistently recognize and reaffirm the historical truth that the atrocities committed against the Armenian, Greek, and other Christians living in their historical homelands in Anatolia constituted genocide and to work towards equitable, stable, and durable Armenian-Turkish relations,” read the text of the resolution.

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