French Senators visit Armenian Church of Damascus

French delegation DamascusFrench Senate member, Head of the Senate’s French-Syrian Friendship Committee Jean-Pierre Vial and member of the Senate and Mayor of Laval city François Zocchetto visited the Armenian Orthodox Church of Damascus Diocese where they met Bishop Armash Nalbandian, who explained the situation in Syria in general and particularly in cities of Damascus and Aleppo, SANA agency reports.

For his part, Bishop Nalbandian indicated that national unity is still embracing the fabric of the Syrian society, and all Syrian spectra are united in countering the takfiri ideology that is targeting Syria.

He added that Turkey has played a big aggressive role in the crisis, opening its borders to the terrorist organizations, which perpetrated massacres against the Syrian Armenians in the city of Kassab and other Syrian settlements, as their Ottoman predecessors did in 1915, committing horrific genocide against the Armenians.

Bishop Nalbandian stressed that Armenians are deeply rooted in Syria, and they are part and parcel of the Syrian people, as they wish to see a comprehensive solution to the.

“A lot of innocent people in Damascus have been killed in almost daily terrorist attacks with rocket and mortar shells,” Bishop Nalbandian said, adding that the Church was targeted twice last year leaving many children dead.

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