NKR President’s address on Motherland Defender’s Day

NKR President Bako Sahakyan has issued a congratulatory message on the Motherland Defender’s Day:

Dear compatriots,

On behalf of the Artsakh Republic authorities and on my own behalf, I cordially congratulate you on the Motherland Defender’s Day.

Each of you, farmers and workers, builders and teachers, doctors and scientists are the Motherland defenders, even the small child who was born today in our ancient land will grow up and become protect his country.

I would like to congratulate with special warmth our soldiers standing now in trenches defending the Fatherland, all those who keep safe and unshakeable the borders of native Artsakh not sparing even their own lives. Bearing in mind the example of our heroic forefathers and continuing their holy cause they are now writing with their courage and feat the triumphant pages of our modern history. Eternal glory and honor to the Motherland devotees!

Dear Artsakh people,

Once again I congratulate all of you on this memorable occasion and wish you peace, good health and great success in the implementation of your patriotic mission.


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