Pan-Armenian Declaration refleced the approaches of all Armenians





The Pan-Armenian Declaration on the Armenian Genocide Centennial was a comprehensive document reflecting the opinion and approaches of all Armenians on the Genocide issue, internal law expert Vigen Kocharyan told reporters today. He added that it fully corresponds to the proclaimed goals.

The Armenian Genocide has appeared in the focus of the international community not only because of the 100th anniversary, but also because of the Perincek vs. Switzerland case considered by the European Court of Human Rights.

What are the chances that the Court could return a politicized verdict? Vigen Kocharyan said that although politics could play some role, but added it’s not very likely. “The rulings of the European Court of Human Rights serve as precedent across Europe,” he added.

As for the Armenian President’s decision to recall the Armenian-Turkish protocols from the National Assembly, the expert said leaving them in the parliament was impossible, considering the preconditions posed by Ankara.

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