New billboards in Boston commemorate Armenian Genocide centennial

On Feb. 14, Peace of Art, Inc. added three new billboards in commemoration of the centennial of the Armenian Genocide in the Boston area. The new digital billboards are different from the others in design but similar with concept. All the billboards commemorate the centennial of the Armenian Genocide and pay tribute to the victims. Two digital billboards are located in Foxboro, and the third one is located in Peabody, Mass, Asbarez reports.

Against a black background, one billboard reads “1915-2015 the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide.” The letters “O” and “C” in the word “Genocide” are combined to form a red heart with a bite. The heart symbolizes the heart of a nation, and the bite symbolizes 1.5 million innocent lives carved off a nation, whose wounds are still bleeding through generations.

The other digital billboard reads “I Remember and I Demand 1915-2015 the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide.” The letter “O” in the word “Genocide” is a purple forget-me-not, the official Armenian Genocide centennial symbol. The flower has five petals which represent the five continents where genocide survivors settled and rebuilt their lives. Also represents the pain shared by Armenians around the world united with their demands for recognition and justice.

“Since January 2015, Peace of Art, Inc., has displayed ten billboards in the United States. Chicago, Seattle, Peabody, Sharon and Foxboro, and will continue to display electronic billboards throughout the United States during the year 2015,” said Peace of Art founding president Daniel Varoujan Hejinian.

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