Armenia: First artist of Genealogy known

Essaï Altounian is the first member of the band representing Armenia in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest to be announced. The well-known French-Armenian singer will represent the continent Europe in the project, according to Eurovision’s official website.

Essaï is a French-Armenian singer whose charming voice has touched many hearts. He is also a songwriter, keyboardist and an actor.

First of all I’m really proud to represent Armenia. To be a part of the Genealogy means something powerful to me. It is like being a link between the past and the future, a link between earth and sky

Armenian Public TV Company has announced earlier that Genealogy will be uniting the new generation of Armenians spread through 5 continents (Europe, Asia, America, Africa, and Australia) around the world in the year of 1915. The group consists of 6 artists with Armenian origin – 6 destinies with 1 story.

n the band, Essaï Altounian will represent the continent of Europe. Even though he has grown up and lived in France, he feels Armenian and has strong feelings about his roots:

With Genealogy I’m one of the bridges connecting Armenian people around the world. I am also one of the bridges who are spreading love and positivity around the world through music. I represent Armenians from Europe – the continent of the Human right and the peace. I want to send a powerful message of humanity and serenity on behalf of European Armenians.I wish that people all around the world realize that Armenians will always climb on the higher mountains to sing, dance and spread joy and happiness.

Essaï Altounian is of Armenian origin but has lived and debuted in France, where his grandparents had escaped in 1915. About that, he recently wrote and produced a song called Je n’oublie pas / ChemMorana.

At the age of 12 Essaï composed his first song and at the age of 19 signed a contract with Sony France as lead singer of the urban and pop idol group “Ideal-3”, with whom he scored a top ten hit with Pardonne-moi.

When Essai was 21 he left the band and signed a solo contract with Mercury Universal. He cooperated with Jenifer and composed songs for her album, which eventually received the Diamond Plaque award. He played the role of Count Paris in Gerard Presgurvic’s musical comedy Romeo and Juliet, the album of which sold 2 million copies. The musical comedy Le Roi Soleil for Warner Music France, for which he wrote S’aimer est interdit, went double Platinum with over 3 million tickets sold during the three years of its run.

Taking a big leap across the Atlantic to the United States, Essaï reached out to Kerry Gordy from Motown music. The first single produced with him, Family, has been an up-tempo, urban song that pays homage to the sanctity of those who are closest to you. His new album will be released in the beginning of 2016.

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