Contemporary Genocide play to debut in New York City in April

From-Sacred-WrathWhile the Armenian Genocide occurred a century ago, descendants of victims are still grappling with the consequences of this historic calamity and what the hundred year mark means to them and to the future of the Armenian nation and diaspora. These issues are explored in the play, “From Sacred Wrath,” which will be performed on April 18, 2015 and April 19, 2015 at The Davenport Theatre in New York City,  reports.

The story centers around the Armenian-American Khatchadourian family, who shares mixed emotions as the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide approaches: a grandmother who is unable to share her story of survival, as she is still traumatized by her escape; a young woman who forges ties to a Turkish journalist much to the chagrin of her patriotic father, and brother, who vows to fight for the future of his homeland by enlisting in the Nagorno Karabakh Defense Army.

This timely play, written and directed by Taleen Babayan, reflects the various outlooks and struggles facing Armenians around the world today as the centennial of the Armenian Genocide approaches. The themes of denial, nationalism, reconciliation, and human rights abuses are explored and come to life on stage through the talented cast of diverse and professional actors, including Karnig Nercessian, playing the role of Hovsep, the patriotic patriarch of the family, Constance Cooper, playing the role of Aghavni, an Armenian Genocide survivor, Ani Djirdjirian, playing the role of Areni, a history teacher who has a more modern outlook of reconciliation, Raffi Wartanian, playing the role of Soghomon, an American-born Armenian who feels a desire to return to his homeland, Cihangir Duman, playing the role of Cemal, a Turkish journalist who is unable to call the Armenian massacres a genocide, Jamie Alana, playing the role of Ayesha, a Darfur Genocide survivor, and Haig Hovnanian, playing the role of Alex, a childhood friend of the family’s.

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