Tigran Hamasyan unveils animated video for “Mockroot” song

Tigran Hamasyan, whose Nonesuch Records debut album, Mockroot, is out now in Europe and due February 17 in the United States, has unveiled an animated video of the album track “Kars 2 (Wounds of the Centuries).” The video, which premiered on Les Inrocks, was created by his sister, Melanya Hamasyan, Nonesuch Journal reports.

The song was written about the town of Kars, the ancestral home of Hamasyan’s maternal grandparents, a place that became part of Turkey in the years that followed the Ottoman genocide of Armenians during the First World War.

“They call Armenia a country of stone, because there are so many huge mountains made up of crazily shaped and oddly coloured stones,” says Hamasyan. “Every time I see these mountains, they tell me something. They have a story. And, even though the town of Kars is no longer part of Armenia, and even though the Armenian culture in that environment doesn’t exist anymore, it has been preserved in those cliffs and those rocks. That’s what I’m trying to capture in this simple, eight-bar phrase that goes with a poem.”

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