Ara Papian: Pan-Armenian declaration a step forward, but not enough





The pan-Armenian declaration on the centennial of the Armenian Genocide was a step forward with regard to the formulation of our demands, but was not enough, Head of the Modus Vivendi center Ara Papian told reporters today.

He attaches special importance to the part of the declaration referring to the Treaty of Sevres and President Woodrow Wilson’s Arbitral Award of November 22, 1920.

“This was the first time the President stressed this on behalf of a representative body like the State Commission. This means that besides recognition and commemoration, we define certain land claims,” Ara Papian said.

He noted, however, that the declaration has a serious shortcoming – it conflicts with the Zurich protocols signed between Armenia and Turkey.

“If we assume Turkey ratified the protocols, the two documents will contradict each other, and it will be unclear what policy we should adopt. If this declaration is not of formal character, Armenian should take two important steps – recall the signature from the protocols and declare November 22 the Day of Reclaiming the Homeland,”

According to Ara Papian, Armenia does not pursue the issue of reconciliation with Turkey. What’s important is the issue of justice, which our people want to restore. “This first of all envisages elimination of the genocide consequences, which refers to material, moral and territorial losses,” he said.

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