Want to listen to Public Radio of Armenia? Call +17128328212

Want to listen to the Public Radio of Armenia? You can do that free of charge if you’re in the United States. The American FreeNET radio streaming company, which is one of the brands of the EagleIP, has provided the following numbers to the Public Radio of Armenia: +17128328213 and +17128328212.

“The service is available all over the world around the clock 365 days a year, but if you’re outside the US, you’ll be charged the fee for international calls,” Mher Margaryan, Head of IT Department of Public Radio of Armenia, said.

It’s an option for those who have no access to the Internet or have no opportunity to listen to the radio on the receiver.

Mher Margaryan reminded that live broadcasting of the Public Radio programs is also available on its three-language official website (, which has been functioning for twelve years now.

Mobile applications of Public Radio of Armenia are available in the App Store and the Google Play.

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