Don’t suppress the light you discover inside yourself: Lilit Khachatryan





“Don’t suppress the light that you discover within yourselves ever. Go and meet the light and it will lead to something interesting.” The author of these words is Lilit Khachatryan, a former lawyer, who had enough courage to step in into the world of art three years ago, and succeed.

All of us have a hidden light inside ourselves, which probably can be best described with the word “talent.” Sometimes we lack the courage to discover it within ourselves and pass it to others. Three years ago Lilit Khachatryan managed to cross the boundaries of the self-doubt and internal fear. And there was the painting beyond those boundaries.

“I’m a lawyer by profession and I have worked in this field for years. But at some point I discovered I have a desire to paint. At the beginning I was trying to hold it back by just thinking: Start painting? At 36? But then I understood that I am not able to resist this (the word “desire” is too weak to describe) passion,” Lilit said.

And then came over 70 works within two years.

“I was putting on a silk everything that was coming out from my soul, everything I was feeling,” she says. “The art has changed me and my perception of the world. There were big changes in my inner world after I started painting: I see the beautiful and the uniqueness in everything. Even in the human relations I ignore everything negative.”

“There are positive and good things around us that need attention. Intercourse with the Art can lead to great changes. I gave up my lawyer’s career, quitted the job and fully dedicated myself to painting. My husband’s support played a key role in this change and I thank God that I have him next to me,” said the artist. “Painting is my life and I found myself here.”

Lilit was among the artists selected by Pietro Franesi, the Director of New York and Dubai Art Biennale to participate in these events. Pietro Franesi will also be the curator of Lilit’s solo exhibition that will open in Yerevan on February 5 in the Artists’ Union.
“Don’t suppress the light that you ever discover inside yourselves. Go and meet it. And it will lead to something interesting.” This is Lilit’s request.

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