French magazine “l’Histoire” devotes 50 pages to Armenia

HistorieSeries of expanded articles of 50 pages, titled “Armenians: first genocide of the 20th century” were published in February’s edition of the leading French magazine “l’Histoire,” dedicated to 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

Pieces on the Armenian Genocide by researches and historians, that come along with infographics and documentary scenes, are presented on the pages of the magazine.

An expanded article by French Armenian historian Raymond Harutyun Kévorkian titled “Scenario of one annihilation” Historie 1presents the scenario of a crime committed against the Armenians, analyzing facts of intention, plan, order stages of implementation, consequences, as well as maps of massacres and deportation.

In an interview with Director of National Center for Scientific Research of France François Georgeon “l’Histoire” magazine reveals the role by the Armenian community in Ottoman Empire before the Genocide. An interview with prominent genocide scholar Yves Ternon is dedicated to the awakening of the memory of the Armenian Genocide generations later, since 1950s.

Other articles present the current image of Diaspora, Armenophils movement headed by Jean Jaurès, as well as the raise of the Genocide recognition issue by Turkish intellectuals over the past years, including Taner Akçam’s article, titled “Why Turkey does not open its Archives.”

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