Armenian Prosecutor General reiterates pledge to apply to Russian counterpart, when he has enough grounds

Armenian Prosecutor General has reiterated his pledge to apply to his Russian counterpart with a request to hand over Valery Permyakov – the perpetrator of the slaughter in Gyumri on January 12 – to the Armenian side.

“I have promised to apply to the Russian Prosecutor General with the request.  But the application is not an end in itself. I will do that, when I have enough bases. Preliminary investigation is still under way at this point,” Kostanyan said at the parliamentary hearings on the “Legal procedures connected with the tragic events in Gyumri on January 12.”

The Prosecutor General asked not to politicize the Gyumri slaughter and the developments connected with the case, as the “issue is being considered on the legal platform.” He added that the political and emotional assessments will in no way affect the criminal case.

“I think all political and emotional assessments should come after the clarification of the legal issues, as politicization of the issue will not do any good to the case,” Kostanyan noted.

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