Permyakov has committed three crimes, not two: Political scientist





Russian soldier Valery Permyakov has committed three crimes, not two, political scientist Sergey Minasyan told reporters today. He wonders why no one has ever accused him of the attempt to cross the state border.

According to Minasyan, this is yet another reason to transfer Permyakov to the Armenian law-enforcers.

The political scientist says the Armenian-Russian agreement signed on September 30, 1992 clearly indicates which party should investigate certain crimes.

“The Russian Military Base in Gyumri is not considered a territory of the Republic of Armenia. The principle of extraterritoriality applies only on the territories of the Russian Federation in Armenia and the Russian Consulate General in Gyumri,” Minasyan said.

The political scientist considers, however, that these events will not affect the Armenian-Russian relations. He expects no serious changes.

Speaking about the situation at the line of contact, the political scientist said the tension will hardly grow into large-scale military actions. “Azerbaijan is aware of the cost of war,” he said. He considers Azerbaijan’s intentions will possibly change only in case of “force majeure” situations in the region, while there are currently no prerequisites for such developments.

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