Azerbaijan bans negative information about its armed forces: Armenian MoD

“After the decree of the president of Azerbaijan on Regulations on security on the contact line between the troops of the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan dated 24 September 2014, the military leadership of Azerbaijan has established a new, even higher than before, benchmark of information restriction and distortion of facts in his information policy,” the Armenian Ministry of Defense said in a statement.

“Moreover, along with full distortion of the facts related to Armenia, Nagorno Karabakh and the situation on the contact line, which are presented to both domestic and international communities, and dissemination of misinformation, the Ministry of Defense of that country has completely stopped publication of any negative information related to its own Armed Forces, especially those related to the flops on the contact line with numerous mindless human losses,” the statement reads.

“This behavior is fully in line with national information policy, where “freedom of speech”, “free media”, “human rights”, “pluralism” and all other characteristics of free information society are eradicated, where free expression is viewed as treason, where the generations are brought up based on the image of the Armenian as an enemy, imaginary own history and fictions heroes created on the basis of crimes,” the Ministry said.

The Ministry of Defense of RA says will continue its open, transparent and impartial information policy of being accountable to the society for achievements and more importantly for oversights, because it realizes the full responsibility to overcome them and ensure the defense of the Republic of Armenia and the Armenian society.

“This dissimilarity of approaches adopted in the information field best illustrates the existing and daily growing moral and value differences between the conflicting sides,” the Ministry noted.

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